Angel In Black/Into the Light is a very beautiful song that tells a story of a young couple engaged to be married.  But before they are wed, he must first be deployed to the Mideast.  Her name was Angel and she had made it clear to him that she hated war. When she accompanied him to his departure point, she was dressed in Navy Blue, a color of sadness.  He told her he loved her and he promised he’d come back.  She said, “Don’t You Make Me Wear Black.”

A very interesting, spine tingling thing happened the very next day after I posted this song online.  A photographer posted a photograph that describes, exactly, the last verse of the song.  The last verse goes “It was a suicide bomber attack, so fast he didn’t know he died.  His spirit rose to see his Angel In Black, Arlington graveside.”  And the photograph is of a young woman dressed in black, kneeling and weeping at a grave site in Arlington.  The spirit or ghost of a soldier stands behind her with his hand on her shoulder.  I saw this photo the next day, after posting the song, and it gave me chills.  I contacted the photographer, Matt Matthews, about using the photo on the CD cover.  He agreed, and the photo appears on the back of the CONTRARIAN CD.  It is an  amazing coincidence (or, is it?) that this photo should show up just after I post the song.  This is a very special tune and it needs to be heard.  The tag tune on the end, Into The Light, is instrumental, orchestral that is the music to accompany the soldiers spirit into the light.  It’s beautiful and moving, all the way around.  Please enjoy!

PHOTO CREDIT: Matt Mathews Photography